Q: Who can do WOWFIT?

WOWfit is for all ages (16+) and fitness levels from beginners to advanced and everyone in between. No one is ever left behind, modifications are offered for beginners and those with mobility challenges.  You will get fitter EVERY class! Advanced athletes love WOWfit for training for obstacle races and other sports requiring full-body strength. Many of our members are recording their fastest ever race times and doing multiple chin-ups and pushups for the first time!  Also, many of our members are working out for the first time since baby, the first time in decades, for some the first time in years! We are all women getting stronger and fitter together! 

Q: What if I miss a class, can I do makeups?

Yes! If you ever need to miss a class you can do up to two makeup classes per month at a different WOWfit time. After that you can attend any other classes for $20 per class (subject to availability). 

Q: How fast can I expect to see results?

If you follow the 4 Keys to Success with WOWfit, you can safely and sustainably lose 2-3 lbs per week. You will aslo build well-balanced muscle to achieve a toned, fit look.  You will start to look and feel healthier within the first week. Your body will learn to recover quickly and you will begin craving our workouts, thriving on them within anywhere from 1 week to 1 month. 

Q: WOWfit costs more than most gyms - how is it different?

With WOWfit you get Personal trainer benefits and results at a fraction of the cost.  Your coach is your personal trainer - teaching and spotting to ensure safe, effective movements. You receiving ongoing nutrition support, information and accountability.  Your coach is available to you outside WOWfit for further goal coaching. Your workouts are designed in advance to make you toned, balanced and long-term fit.

Q: How is WOWfit different from the gym?

At WOWfit over 80% of members attend over 80% of classes so WE GET RESULTS! Why are our members so committed? 

1. WOWfit is fun - every workout is different and we have an amazing, encouraging culture - we cheer each other on! 

2. Effective Workouts - you will see and feel yourself getting stronger, building momentum keeps you coming back! 

3. Community - Success is contagious! When you are surrounded by positive women workout hard together toward healthy goals, you will be amazed at what you can achieve, and the fun you have doing it! 

Q: What is the Charity Workout?

We strive to be our best so we can pay the good forward.  The monthly WOWfit membership covers 8 Tuesday/Thursday sessions and/or 4 Saturdays. When there is a month with 5 Saturdays or 9 Tuesday/Thursdays the extra day is a Charity Workout day.  We choose a charity that one of our members is involved in and members bring a minimum $10 donation. All profits from these workouts go to the charity of the month. Charities we have supported include the Heart adn Stroke Foundation, Soldier On, Hopes Rising, Hope Mommies, Run for the Cure and more!